Corporate Executives

For many corporate executives, time is your most precious commodity. You’re trying to ensure the success of your business and team while enjoying your family life and supporting your local community. This can make it difficult to find adequate time to manage your wealth and complex financial situation.

C-suite and senior-level executives have unique wealth management challenges because of corporate compensation structures, especially the accumulation of financial assets invested in various forms of company stock. We help our executive clients by advising on compensation, identifying ways to help protect personal and professional assets due to an oversized position, and taxation issues triggered by equity-based and deferred compensation. 

We can help you maximize your compensation benefits by working with you to diversify your stock options and overall portfolio to reduce risk, minimize taxes, and more.

We work with corporate executives to help simplify these complex issues and more. Managing the many layers of personal compensation and benefits packages can often be a time-consuming and burdensome task. Our role is to alleviate that burden by performing analysis to help quantify your benefits as a part of your overall financial planning goals.